Stewed Rice Vermicelli with Seafood and Supreme Stock in Opeh Leaf

Back in the kampong days, most of the food we bought were packed in leaves. One of the commonly
used is Opeh Leaf and if you are wondering what is that? Try our Stew Rice Vermicelli with seafood,
it is served in a boat like container Opeh Leaf (aka betel nut leaf).

All seafood ingredients are nicely chopped into bite size and braised in supreme chicken stock. The
prawns and scallops enhanced the stock, bringing out more flavor.

The Rice Vermicelli is well soaked with the fulled bodied rich tasting stock. The taste is simply
savoury, well balance with shredded capsicum. The vermicelli is soft but not overly soggy.
This dish is highly recommended. Overall, it is suitable for most patrons.