Jackfruit Chilli Crab

Have you ever tried the delicious chili crab when you’ve been out for a meal? Of course you have!
Here in Singapore it is our favorite dish and it’s easy to see why. Well, are you ready to try the next
level of chili crab? The best chili crab you’ve ever tasted? Chef Pung Lu Tin has been working
tirelessly to come up with a new Singapore chili crab dish and he’s finally come up with this delicious
offering – the Jackfruit Chili Crab.
By taking the humble chili crab recipe and spicing it up with the addition of the beautiful Jackfruit,
this national dish has reached a whole new height of sensational. Combining all the best aspects of
what we look for in a good meal – flavor, aroma, texture and appearance, the new Jackfruit Chili
Crab is set to wash over the nation in a wave that will tingle your tastebuds and excite the senses.
The one thing we all love about the chili crab is the delicate texture of the flesh of the crab and the
crunchy outer shell which chef Pung has retained in this new flavor sensation. Taking the best and
most pure aspects of the original dish, he has ensured this new dish still packs a punch of nostalgia
while adding a whole new level of excitement.

With a visual appearance that instantly makes the mouth water and aromas that let anticipation
grow from the moment they hit the nose, the Jackfruit Chili Crab will just keep you coming back for
more again and again. The jackfruit acts to enhance the natural beauty of the crab that is such a
delicate and subtle flavor without overriding it. A stunning take on the nation’s favorite dish, it will
soon be replacing the humble chili crab as Singapore’s signature chili crab dish.

Bringing in a new tropical feel to the incredible dish is a stroke of inspiration from chef Pung and you
can instantly see why he chose the jackfruit to work in tandem with the original chili crab dish.
Evoking a sense of elation and adventure with every mouthful, the beautiful textures and flavors
leave you with an amazing mouthfeel. One bite is simply not enough of this beautiful dish and you’ll
find yourself diving back for more without even realizing where the dish is going.
A radiant take on one of the most traditional dishes in Singapore, this is easily the best chili crab dish
on the market. Ticking all the boxes of what you would expect from a chili crab dish and so much
more, once you’ve tasted this flavor sensation you’ll never consider turning back. Fruity, exciting,
crunchy and flavorsome, this is heaven on a plate in the form of a stunning chili crab dish and you
can expect to be stimulated from the moment the aromas hit you.