Happy National Day, and Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore!

It has been an exciting fast pace last month, a significant milestone and most importantly Tasty Court is ONE month old to date. I would like to take this opportunity to thank NEW customers, OLD customers and friends for the support rendered. I sincerely appreciate that all have taken their time away from their busy schedule to visit our humble new establishment. I hope you do enjoy our food and the cosy Peranakan styled decorated setup.

Tasty Court emphasizes greatly on using fresh produces and if possible local. We have focus much on our menu, to create new local favors and preserving old taste. There are some new creations that I have done for the restaurant namely the Jackfruit Chilli Crab, Opeh Leaf Stew Vermicelli with Seafood and etc. In coming months, I will plan more of the new dishes for foodies to enjoy.

I am contented with the current progress that Tasty Court experienced within this short period. It is serving far more customers than forecasted. Hence, we are a little understaffed. I want to apologize for diners that have been provided with regrettable dining service. I do seek your understanding as we strived to get more manpower from the competing job market to seek candidates. I would like to highlight, we are doing our best to provide comfortable dining experience as much as possible. Recruitment is progressing and we hope to shape up our service level soon. In the meanwhile, we have added a reservation modules to temporary ease the situation. We will be able to anticipate crowd in the future and better prepare our staff.

Lastly, we would like to see you again at Tasty Court!

From Chef Pung